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Your contribution.

We want to be fully transparent with you about our process. Here is a bird’s eye view of what you contribute toward the development your book, along with a PDF of our Packages and Your Investment.

Phone interviews.

We start with several initial interviews to help set goals, clear up foggy ideas, and start forming your introduction. This is our starting point because we want to understand the real value of what you're going to say so that we can structure it in a powerful way.


By simply sharing your story through a few recorded phone interviews, we gather enough valuable material to shape your interviews into a full-length book. There’s no need to say everything perfectly. That’s what our editors and 7-point ghostwriters are for!

Written contributions.

Write a dedication and author bio. If this is the first time you've published a book, that's okay. Simply write a blurb that will help readers get to know you.

Book launch party!

After your book is published, host a book launch party. There’s no better way to celebrate the accomplishment, and we provide you with a guide for hosting a successful launch party. Plus, it’s a great way to get exposure for your book. We are ready to start your book! Are you?


Let's Write Your Book

Barbara Carneiro

"If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. Speak It To Book puts you at ease and makes the process so painless and pleasant."

Barbara Carneiro, Owner of Word Revolution and Author of the forthcoming book "The Accidental Church Communicator"

Jeff Fisher

"Caleb and his team are like Barbara Walters: They'll get the very best book out of you!"

Jeff Fisher, Author of the forthcoming book "Everyday Champion"

John Hawkins

"I had all this cool stuff in my head but didn't know what to do with it. Speak It To Book is the expert with this kind of problem. They are a great company to do business with and have a fantastic process for people who want to get their thoughts and ideas into a book."

John Hawkins, Author of the forthcoming book "Expect Greatness"

Rick Ruperto

"Words can't describe the experience I've had with Speak It To Book. The people are amazing and the whole process is exciting!"

Rick Ruperto, Author of the forthcoming book "The180Revolution"

Our contribution

After your initial set of interviews, our team gets their wheels turning.


1 - Book Creation

  • Book Results Strategy Session
  • Book Creation Interviews
  • Transcription
  • Developmental Editing
  • Readability Edit
  • 7-Point Ghostwriting
  • Workbook

2 - Book Presentation

  • Title and Subtitle Evaluation
  • Back Cover Copy
  • Design
  • Formatting with Conversion Touch-Points

3 - Book Professionalizing

  • Notes
  • Verification
  • Line Editing & Copyediting
  • Scripts
  • Marketing and Launch Guides
  • Author Comments/Changes
  • Proofreading

4 - Book Launching

  • Publication
  • Book Graphics
  • Author Copies
  • Review Splash
  • Amazon Best-Seller Push
  • Media Kit

5 - Book Funnel Profiting

  • Author Website
  • Email Autoresponder Sequences
  • Highly Relevant Blog Content
  • Amazon Traffic Siphon


To get the best picture of everything we accomplish for your book and to understand what some of our tasks entail, download the Speak It To Book Blueprint.


Download Blueprint

In the end, you get more than an amazing book.

We believe in…


We pride ourselves on our professional team of expert writers, editors, and designers. Be assured you will always receive top-notch results, both in care and quality. We don't do anything halfheartedly.

Valuing Your Time

The Speak It To Book method is designed for people with a desire to write a book but no time to do it. Our process frees you to focus on your personal priorities while still receiving the invaluable accomplishment of publishing your own book.

Your Story

We serve you with the utmost respect, integrity, and trust, and we don’t keep any percentage of your earnings. You are also the sole owner of your book with no strings attached. We do more than just publish books. We do relationships.