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Do I share the writing credit with someone else?

We interview our authors for the sole purpose of capturing their unique voice. You are the creator of the book. We simply transform your spoken word into the written word, develop and edit to beef up your content, and package everything professionally to fit your tone and style. The credit is yours and yours alone. We’re simply proud to be a part of your team.

How do I get my return on investment?

We are firm believers that one of the worst ways to make money from your book is to sell it. That’s top-level thinking. Books are a marketing tool, an authority builder, and a door opener to possibilities. Professionals know that the best way to generate income from their books is to use them as a handshake with potential clients or life-long fans/followers. We call this using your Book as a Bridge

    The book we wrote for John Hawkins helped establish him as a leader/expert in the executive coaching industry.  Other authors have used their books to promote their businesses, spread awareness about their cause, and build their brand in a particular niche. 

The more books you get into people’s hands, the more often profitable opportunities will emerge. So if one client is worth $1,000 to you, then you need your book to generate 20 clients in its lifetime. Or if you sell other products—such as a video course for $500—then you need your book to generate 40 sales (depending on the package selected) of your video course via cross-promotion. One of our books, Sermon Crunch, sells less than 150 copies per month but has generated well into the six figures in business.

So the question shouldn’t be “How many books can I sell?” It should be “How can I gain visibility, build my list, leverage my book into new opportunities, acquire more clients, get speaking gigs, sell products, or launch an entire business?”

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Speak It To Book?

If you truly want to help your readership live a more fulfilled life, if you get more excited about building relationships with readers than about just selling books, and if you are a  person who enjoys life and likes to laugh, then you are our people. You're the kind of person we want to build into a thought leader.

How Is Speak It To Book different from self-publishing and traditional publishing?

No longer do you have to spend one thousand hours writing your book (assuming book writing is already your skill set). No longer do you have to scratch and claw for a decade to sign with an agent and traditional publisher only to surrender 90% of the rights to your book. No longer do you have to sell out by putting together a poor quality book and publishing it yourself. No longer do you have to become a marketing expert to set up a sales funnel that skyrockets your business.

Speak It To Book is rewriting the rules and best practices. Traditional publishers have called us asking questions.

How is Speak It To Book different from using a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are paid anywhere from $30K to $100K to write a book that you can put your name on. That’s not how we operate.

While we check all of the same boxes as a ghostwriter—drawing out your book via interviews so that every idea, every story, every detail given is rooted in your story and knowledge—our process is focused on making you the thought leader in your niche, which requires so much more than just writing your book. 

 In short, we don't seek to get you published.  We seek to get you positioned . The former is just the first step of the latter.  

How long does the process take?

Though there are several factors involved in how quickly we can finish your project and get it to market, the general timeframe tends to be 6 to ten 10.

How much of my time is really needed?

After we finish the initial positioning, outlining, and chapter interviews with you, which take several hours (15-20 usually) spread out over a few phone calls, you could theoretically not have one more thread of communication with us until you receive your book in hand (we deliver your book to you in "batches" of chapters so that you can provide feedback along the way).

Of course, we want to be in touch with you and develop a relationship with you. It's one of our favorite things! But we understand that you can be extremely busy, and we are in no way offended if there is little communication.

After you have your book in hand, it's up to you how much extra time you put into it. We encourage our clients to interact with us thoroughly throughout the editing process to make sure your book is the best that it can be. You have complete control over the publishing date and can take as long as needed to get the finished product where you'd like it to be.

Is the book written in my voice?

Our sole purpose is to capture your unique voice. You are the creator of the book. We simply (well, okay, it’s not so simple) transform your spoken words into the written word, beef up your content, then package everything to fit your tone and style.

That said, no book is going to capture you completely. It's impossible. And here’s the interesting thing: You would not be able to capture who you are to people even if you wrote every single word, paragraph, and chapter of your book. And that's not a knock on your writing ability. It’s simply the reality that you in the flesh and you on the page are two very different forms of communication.

Why do you think so many people say "I wish I could hang out with _______ for a day" long after that person is dead? Because the book isn't enough. The words are not enough. We want the real thing. We want to see, taste, touch, hear, feel. We here at Speak It To Book believe that humans are made in the image of God and that words will never be able to reflect that beautiful fact. So take note: You are too special to be captured by words.

What if I already have written portions of my book? Can I use it?

Sort of. We like to help our authors start at the base level. We talk big picture regarding what the book is about, who it’s for, and how best to build a relationship with your intended audience. So the question becomes: Do the written portions you have support the conclusions we come to about your book’s big picture? If so, wonderful. If not, then it may be best to start from the beginning.

What if I have dozens of ideas and don’t know which one to put into a book?

Our team of interviewers is skilled at finding the lump of gold amid all of the other shiny objects. We’ll find your best idea that stays true to your why and has a clear ROI—and stick with it to the end.

What if my ideas are not thorough enough to fill an entire book?

That’s why we’d love to talk with you. They say it’s hard to read the label if you’re standing in the bottle. You need someone to come alongside your bottle, read the very best you have to offer, make sure there are clear benefits for both you and your readers, and then decide whether or not you’re ready to pop the top.

Most of the professionals we talk with have far more content than they ever thought. That’s almost never a problem. The main criteria we look for are whether we believe your book will 1) help your core readers; and 2) bring you a clear return on your investment. If that describes you, then you are exactly the kind of person we love to work with because it’s a win for us, a win for you, and a win for your readers.

What’s really in it for me?

Lots of people have brilliant book ideas, a pile of research, or half-finished manuscripts, but few get to experience the accomplishment of a professionally published book. With Speak It To Book, you finally get to take action and feel the satisfaction of completing a book that will impact people's lives for years to come.

Having your name on a book also lends weight to your other projects and pursuits, both personal and professional. Your book is your ultimate business card and leads to an expanded network, new relationships, and beneficial career and ministry opportunities. Published authors are able to use their books to lead potential clients and customers into other business and ministry endeavors. Invitations for speaking engagements and requests for endorsements may come your way, too, as your credibility continues to build. Relationships are everything. As your readership grows, you begin increasing the relationships and personal connections that can generate exciting opportunities for you, laying groundwork for your future projects or business/ministry enterprises.

Finally, when you author a book, you are choosing to live on through your words and the name you put behind them. So join the growing number of men and women who will continue to shape and mold future generations with the power of stories and ideas!

Why not just get my speaking transcribed?

Here’s the thing. Transcription does not make a book. Even if we transcribed your story and thoughts and designed a nice book cover, you’d open it up, read a few lines, and say, “This doesn’t flow at all.” Why is that? Because talking and writing are two very different forms of communication. People don’t talk how they write. There is so much development that needs to happen to make your spoken words read like a book.

Most publishing companies require a polished and completed manuscript. We partner with you from the very beginning. We don't expect you to bring a manuscript or years of writing experience to the table. We expect you to tell us your story—and we'll do the rest.

Here is a PDF of our Packages and Your Investment. If you have more questions or just want to chat, schedule a call. No sales, no obligations, no guilt trip. Just prayer for you and honest conversation — and possibly the first step to writing your book. 


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