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Should a Thought Leader Collaborate with a Ghostwriting Agency to Write Their Book?

My answer to this question is a resounding yes! But I’m biased—as the CEO of a full service ghostwriting, publishing, and marketing company, I absolutely adore collaborating with thought leaders to build their brilliant ideas, chapter by chapter, into a book.

But I want this article to be about you. And if you’re genuinely considering working with a ghostwriting agency to write your book, I invite you to do the following thought experiment.

  • First, imagine that the most important books in your life never existed. Now, ask yourself: What kind of person would I be if that were true? 
  • Second, imagine you are the author of a book that has impacted someone else in that same life-changing way. Picture your book prominently displayed on his/her “Changed My Life” bookshelf. Ask yourself: How would that make me feel? 
  • Lastly, imagine how immeasurably different that person’s life would be if you had decided not to write your book. With that reader in mind, ask yourself: Should I do all it takes to bring my book into the world? 

Sometimes, I imagine the above kinds of scenarios when I’m in my office. See, the most important row of books in my office is what I call the “Changed My Life” bookshelf. In it, I proudly shelve all of the phenomenally insightful, beautifully written, and life-defining books that I’ve read.

It’s next to impossible to imagine my life without these books—I’d be a completely different husband, a different businessman, pretty much a different everything. But not just different. Lesser, too. That’s key to my belief: that books really are possibilities.

For instance, without The Greatest Words Ever Spoken by Steven K. Scott, I’d be less of a man. And without On Writing by Stephen King, I’d be less of a writer. And without Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets, I’d be less of a marketer. And without The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, I’d be less of an entrepreneur. And so on, for every title on my “Changed My Life” bookshelf.

If you’re struggling to get your book out of you, and you have a hunch it could leave readers changed forever, then that’s exactly when you should consider working with a ghostwriting agency.

Maybe you don’t feel like you were “born” a writer. Maybe you’re a busy professional with more important passions on your plate. If so, stick to what makes you happy—and work with a team to ensure that your book becomes something meaningful to others.

Here’s one last thought on the topic of ghostwriting: If writing isn’t one of your skills, that doesn’t diminish the value of your ideas. Great books are about great ideas. And if you spoke the words to a ghostwriter, it doesn’t matter if the ghostwriter transferred them into a book—they are still your ideas and your book.

So I encourage you: go and unleash them for the world. Schedule a strategy session with our Head of Publishing below and take the first step in making your book a reality. 


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Caleb Breakey


Caleb Breakey's super power is making it possible for busy people to share their ideas, experiences, and stories with the world. In addition to being an award-winning author and 7-figure marketer, he is also a husband, speaker, relationship builder, and entrepreneur. You can work with him and finally write your book at SpeakItToBook.com and SermonToBook.com.

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