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5 Obstacles That Will Make Or Break Your Ghostwritten Book

Writing a book is a lot of work. And maybe you simply don’t have the time or knowhow to get one finished—but you don’t want to let that stop you.

If you’re thinking, “I need some help if my book is ever going to get out the door,” ghostwriting is the perfect option. You still publish a book full of your wisdom and knowhow, but someone else does the work of actually drawing out your best ideas/knowledge/wisdom and writing it.

But even though ghostwriting takes a lot of the work out of writing a book, there are still a lot of roadblocks you could easily run into. Here are a few obstacles that can lead to a lack of ROI:


It’s true, people do judge a book by its cover. They probably shouldn’t, but they do it anyway. Because first impressions are very powerful. It’s a huge part of why people do or don’t purchase your book. And in a way, it shows how seriously you did or didn’t take your book.

Start out by asking yourself several questions about the vision for your cover, and which best-selling covers you admire or would like to emulate. Decide how you want it to make people feel and how it reflects the contents of your book.

Once you have a vision in place, hire a world-class designer to create examples for you to review and provide feedback on. Make sure to hire someone with lots of experience, because quality is key, and don’t be afraid to keep revising until it’s perfect. The result should be a book you’re proud to call yours—and that readers are eager to purchase.


Your table of contents should make your book so enticing that readers can’t help but purchase it. It should give them a sneak peek into everything they have to gain from reading your book. The chapter titles should scream to your ideal reader, “This book is for me!”

Start this process by talking through your ideas and fashion them into the most important points from each section. Then, outline your chapters in a way that gives potential readers a window into how impactful it could be for them.

Rather than speeding through this process, spend time thinking about it and laying it out in the most strategic way possible. Customers will look at your table contents as a way to get a better idea of your key themes and whether or not it’s worth it for them to purchase it.

Don’t overlook the value of this one page—like your cover design, make sure it reflects your style as an author, as well as the vision you have for your book as a whole.


Be honest—there are probably very few important purchases you make without reading reviews first. And when you visit a product page for a book and there aren’t any reviews, unless it’s been highly recommended to you by someone in person, chances are you’ll click away and look for something else.

There are thousands upon thousands of choices when purchasing a book. This is why it’s so important to make sure that potential buyers have reviews that tell them your book is the one they need to read.

So how do you find people to review your book? You seek out readers who are willing to write and publish honest reviews in exchange for a free copy of your book. It’s a win-win—they get to read your book for free, and you get recommendations for potential customers to read through.

Your end goal should be a product page full of reviews that push potential customers to add your book to their cart.


People have to know your book exists in the first place, and why they need it. And for word to spread, you have to make it easy for people to talk about your book.

You have to focus on not only getting your book out the door, but figuring out where it goes after that. How people hear about it, how they share about it, and what makes them want it.

This all begins with publishing a quality book, and is strengthened by creating a strategic promotional plan—complete with items like shareable social media images, promotional emails, a beautiful website, and a sales funnel to keep bringing them back.

Marketing your book is equally as important as writing it. Don’t underestimate its value!


Publishing a book is too much work if your only goal is just that—to publish a book. Instead, you should be thinking about how your book will impact your career in the long run. Because that’s what makes it really worth it.

Do you want your book to create lifetime customers? Do you want readers to find out more about the services you have to offer? Do you want them to become loyal readers of your blog? How do you want to leave a lasting impact on them?

These are all things you should be thinking about before you even start writing. Then, gear both your contents and your launch plan toward achieving these goals.

So how do you push past it all and share your knowledge with the world? How do you find enough time to write your book, and get it to the point where you’re proud to call it yours?

Here’s what you do: you focus on providing the best advice, information, and experience, and you let someone else do the rest.

You come up with a topic, develop your table of contents, test your ideas, speak your book into a recorder, and have it transcribed. Then you hire a ghostwriter to make it read like a real book (and save yourself from doing the actual writing). After that, you hire someone to design the cover, get it published, and put together a marketing plan.

But that’s still a decent amount of work, and finding the right people to do each task can take up too much time in itself. So if the thought of all of this overwhelms you and you’re looking for a team of professionals to come around you and handle getting your book written and published, Speak It To Book is here to help.

We’re a full service hybrid ghostwriting and publishing company that handles your book from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to worry about your busy life getting in the way of making it everything you want it to be.

How does it work?

Instead of just handing some ideas over to a ghostwriter, a team of professionals comes around you to draw out your book contents, publish your book, and get it into the hands of those who need it most.

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