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John Hawkins

"I’m hoping that as people read my book, they’ll become better equipped to succeed in their own journey. There’s nothing I desire more than to hear my readers say, ‘Hey, that’s my story too.’ I want them to use the wisdom and insights to build themselves and, more importantly, build the people around them. I want my readers to go from survive to thrive in their families, schools, communities, workplaces and churches. It's time for real people and leaders to EXPECT GREATNESS from themselves and those around them.” — John Hawkins, Executive Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

Author of "Expect Greatness." Coming Soon.

Jeff Fisher

"I want my readers to feel understood. I’ve been through a lot of junk and I was in a place where I was carrying it all with me, letting it drag me down. But I didn’t stay there. I’ve studied and learned and now I’m in a position to pass on all that I’ve absorbed to help others transform their life and win." — Jeff Fisher, Lifelong Entrepreneur

Author of "Everyday Champion." Coming Soon.

Dr. Herschel A. Hannah, Jr.

"Challenges and obstacles are routine but strategies to overcome them are hard to come by. My hope is for this book to impact readers by identifying challenges they are facing and helping them find solutions and strategies to get them where they want to go. This book is designed to let people peer into my story and see that what has helped me achieve great things in life can help them achieve great things." — Dr. Herschel A. Hannah, Jr., Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Author of "Moving Forward." Coming Soon.

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