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We make great ideas famous by turning your knowledge into books and architecting your path to Thought Leadership.

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What if?

What if you had a way to get all of those ideas out of your head?

What if you could get your story in front of the people who need it most?

What if you took that next step into significance and influence?

What if you could write a book without having to make a single keystroke, and in less than one-hundredth of the time?
Speak your story into a book.

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Barbara Carneiro

"If I knew writing a book was going to be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. Speak It To Book puts you at ease and makes the process so painless and pleasant."

Barbara Carneiro, Owner of Word Revolution and Author of the forthcoming book "The Accidental Church Communicator"

Jeff Fisher

"Caleb and his team are like Barbara Walters: They'll get the very best book out of you!"

Jeff Fisher, Author of the forthcoming book "Everyday Champion"

John Hawkins

"I had all this cool stuff in my head but didn't know what to do with it. Speak It To Book is the expert with this kind of problem. They are a great company to do business with and have a fantastic process for people who want to get their thoughts and ideas into a book."

John Hawkins, Author of the forthcoming book "Expect Greatness"

Rick Ruperto

"Words can't describe the experience I've had with Speak It To Book. The people are amazing and the whole process is exciting!"

Rick Ruperto, Author of the forthcoming book "The180Revolution"


Is the book written in my voice?

Our sole purpose is to capture your unique voice. You are the creator of the book. We simply (well, okay, it’s not so simple) transform your spoken words into the written word, ghostwrite to beef up your content, then package everything to fit your tone and style.

That said, no book is going to capture you. It's impossible. And here’s the interesting thing: You would not be able to capture who you are to people even if you wrote every single word, paragraph, and chapter of your book. And that's not a knock on your writing ability. It’s simply the reality that you in the flesh and you on the page are two very different forms of communication.

Why do you think so many people say "I wish I could hang out with _______ for a day" long after that person is dead? Because the book isn't enough. The words are not enough. We want the real thing. We want to see, taste, touch, hear, feel. We here at Speak It To Book believe that humans are made in the image of God and that words will never be able to reflect that beautiful fact. So take note: You are too special to be captured by words.


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Be one step closer to starting your book.

The Speak it to Book Publishing Blueprint will give you a clear picture of what is next and how our process works. You will learn what is required of you (it is way easier than you think) and what to expect from us.


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