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How to Connect with the Ghostwriting Agency that’s Perfect for You

How does a budding writer (who doesn’t have the spare time to write a book), or a brilliant non-writer (who nonetheless still has a book in them that they need to get out), find and hire the right ghostwriting firm to write their book?


I strongly believe that the best ghostwriting experience for you and your book will eventuate if you align with the values of the ghostwriting agency.

You won’t find out the true heartbeat of a writer and their company if you just read their ratings and rankings on a crowd-sourced review forum. Instead, I invite you to investigate their values. Do this by seeing if you connect with their mission. Also, when you speak with them, do a gut-check—does it feel like a transaction, or does it feel like trust? Like a relationship being built?

Qualifications and career experience

Qualifications and career experience only get a person so far. With that in mind, if you’ve found a ghostwriter who’s worked on a book that’s sold millions and aligns with your values, then great, hire them—if you can afford them.

Keep in mind, though, that ghostwritten books become bestsellers for reasons usually un-associated with the ghostwriter, such as the subject of the book or robust marketing budget.

Instead, focus on whether you align with the ghostwriters of a particular agency as people. Here are a few examples:

The entrepreneur. If you have a ton of bold ideas about building businesses, should you sign on the dotted line with a ghostwriting agency that specializes in books about startups? Maybe, sure. But wouldn’t it be better to work with an agency that knows a ton about entrepreneurship and you believe is honest and reliable?

The social activist. If you want to improve some aspect of the world, should you team-up with a team that’s also worked on that same issue? Maybe, sure. But wouldn’t it be better to work with a team that has worked on those kinds of books and you think is a group of people you’d like to have a coffee with?

Bear in mind, great ghostwriters don’t necessarily have to be experts in the subject they’re writing about. They have to be an expert in investigation. Can they ask probing questions? Are they an active listener? Do they have empathy? These are the traits you want in a ghostwriter.

They have to be able to get to the heart of their client’s message—and then, based on feedback, to rewrite accordingly. This augurs well for the client as it encourages them to express their expertise in a way that the ghostwriter—and subsequently their readers—can understand.

Other considerations

Sussing out ghostwriting agencies is just the first thing to tackle after deciding to work with a professional to bring your book into being. Here are a few other considerations, each of them enormously important in their own right.

Who is going to market your book? Marketing is crazy hard. If you’re not too familiar with it, you can read a zillion articles on it—but that won’t guarantee success. I quit writing for four years to learn from an Internet marketer who now has spent over one billion dollars in state-of-the-art online advertising. There is so much to learn, and it changes constantly.

Start thinking about working with a ghostwriting agency that will collaborate with you on a book marketing funnel that includes testimonials, a media kit, generating word-of-mouth about your book, driving cold traffic to a landing page, improving your conversion rate, and strategies to make your book an Amazon bestseller in multiple subcategories the same week it launches.

How best to use your book for lead generation? I recommend you also give some serious thought to how you might use your book to win clients, to land speaking engagements, and to augment your social media presence. Because when books are used as a bridge to other opportunities, that’s where you find a financial windfall.


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