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Aspiring Writers: How to Get Your Bold, Brilliant Ideas Published This Year

If you’re not published yet but have brilliant ideas worthy of a book, how do you go about sharing your ideas with the world? 

Getting great ideas into the world in a way that inspires people—that’s a massive challenge, to say the least. And if you’re not a writer, you might assume that it’s even harder to achieve. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

If you find it difficult to write down your ideas, synthesize them, and then share them with the world in a way that makes a positive impact on people—or just don’t have the time and resources to do this—then don’t worry. Most people on the planet are just like you. 

That said, I want you to know that there’s a relatively easy way to get your creative concepts and powerful plans out there: ask for help from family, friends, and professionals. 

Start with finding someone who is both superb at asking questions and is also a deep listener. For years, my wife has been instrumental in assisting me form, test, and revise my ideas, and ultimately implement them—and sometimes encourage me to toss lousy ideas out. 

As a former journalist, for me, it always starts with someone asking me a question.

Because the truth is, You can’t read the label when you’re standing inside the bottle. This aphorism doesn’t mean we are blind to our ideas. It just means we can all benefit from others shining a bright light on our best ideas.

When you find that perfect person to help you read your label, give yourself what I call “throat clearing time”—those moments when you’re talking through your ideas but not really uncovering any gorgeous gems. This is ok. Nobody can communicate a fully-formed, completely cohesive idea on their first take. 

To help you get your ideas out of your head, think of it like extracting jewels from a mine.

  • First, you must excavate the area and do some blasting. That’s the talking through your raw ideas with someone phase. 
  • Second, you must haul all of your ideas into one place. That’s the organizing all of your audio recordings or written notes phase, which also includes transforming what you’ve got into summaries and outlines. 
  • Third, you must evaluate everything you’ve got and sort out the muck from the jewels. That’s the finding and polishing your gems phase, which also includes editing and rewriting your work (it’s also the discarding everything else phase).
I’d like to end this article with a few words of encouragement... 

If you’re committed to inspiring others, but you’re uncertain if your ideas will make a genuine difference in the world, I still say, go for it. Even if you’re a beginner and don’t have an audience for your ideas yet, remember that all experts were once beginners. So, go for it! I did and it’s led to a wonderfully fulfilling career in writing and publishing.  The perfect next step for you would be to schedule a strategy session with our Head of Publishing below. We'd be honored to show you how easy and possible writing your book really is—along with getting the results you desire. 

If you still have self-doubts, please read my article Should a Thought Leader Collaborate with a Ghostwriting Agency to Write Their Book?. In that article, I talk about the books that altered and improved my life. Also, I challenge readers with the wild idea of imagining all of the most important books in their lives suddenly disappearing—and using this thought experiment as an inroad to visualizing yourself as the author of one of the most important books in someone else’s life. 

THAT is motivation to get your great ideas out to the world.


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